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Window Customization

Windows 7 and 10 are pretty cool O.S. versions, but you can make them even cooler by personalizing the start bar, start menu and the system with custom icons, cursors, and general appearance; this is the introduction to a series of tutorials where I'll teach you how to customize your Windows.
In order to do that, you need to install a few programs - mostly free, but some are paid - which you can find listed down here.

RocketDock (Freeware) :: This is a program mimicking Mac OS X's native dock; it has lost of customizing options (themes, position, icons and dock size, etc.) and, once you add your favorite programs and folders to it, you can delete them from the desktop freeing space on the screen. You can find the program at its official website, whereas deviantART and YouTube offer plenty of free themes/skins for the program. Downoad

Icon Packager (Paid - $9.99) :: This programs allows you, thanks to its themes, to customize your system and programs icons - including the default ones like your computer's hard-drives (C:, D:, and so on), documents, videos, the programs' icons, etc. - in one go, without having to change every icon manually. The program is shareware but the price is so ridiculously cheap I recommend to just buy it instead of cracking it; plus, that will give you access to way more themes allowing you a bigger selection of themes to personalize your o.s. Downoad

RainMeter (Freeware) :: This widget-like tool allows to have very cute objects on your desktop: from clocks to mini-docks, from cute pixel animations to RAM+CPU indicators to weather forecasts, you can personalize your desktop any way and with many skins (such are called the widgets) as you want; the program opens when Windows starts by default, so you don't have to go and open it every time. It's 100% freeware and very light; the best place to find RainMeter skins is definitely deviantART, but you can find very good ones on YouTube as well. Downoad

XWidget (Freeware) :: XWidget is an alternative twin to RainMeter, it does the same thing; I recommend both because in my opinion XWidget is not as good as RainMeter for certain things - RainMeter's date-time skins are for example better than XWidget's, whereas Xwidget is better at system-monitoring widgets. They kinda complement each other as I see it, so I suggest you download XWidget too; it's free, light and updated often. deviantART is the best place for XWidget skins, as I've yet to see any good ones anywhere else. Downoad

Start10 (Paid - $9.99) :: This is a tool (made by the same company making Icon Packager) which allows you to turn your Windows 10 Start Menu's appearance into the old classical Windows 7 look without causing any issue in Windows, the system will keep working as if the program isn't there; the Windows 10 menu does not get removed, by the way, the program simply adds a link - always visible and available - on top of the menu leading to the typical Windows 10 menu. To go back to the default menu, just select the related option; very handy, and lightweight too. Downoad